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From the moment you begin your drive down the private lane to The K Club, worries melt away as you are surrounded by natural beauty.

Ancient trees spread out their boughs above you. The sound of nature envelopes you, welcoming you to a special place in the heart of the Kildare countryside.

Arriving at The K Club Hotel, you will find an elegant property, its unique mansard roof and campanile tower beckoning you inside. Within, original stucco ceilings – created by master stuccodores – glimmering chandeliers and intriguing architectural features charm at every turn. There is always something to catch the eye: a fine fireplace, an original tapestry, captivating art ...

The atmosphere is luxurious, yet open, friendly and relaxed – our surroundings reflecting the prestige of our history, giving glimpses into the lives of our pioneering founders – yet we are very much here for you in the present, on hand to welcome you, to make you feel at home. You have arrived at The K Club and it’s Time to Play.


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Dining at The K Club

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