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Environmental Policy

Throughout its history, The K Club has prided itself on being a trailblazer, a place that’s not afraid to try new things, change old ways and embrace innovation and fresh, new thinking. We cherish our traditions and heritage whilst striving to not simply keep up with modern life but to be at the forefront, especially of the things that matter most. 

We recognise the importance of the environment and the impact we have on it, both as individuals and as a business. We have a key responsibility to conserve the environment around us in order to ensure our legacy is not lost. 

Sustainability is not simply a buzzword. It is an ethos that we want all areas of our business to live and breathe. Our Energy & Environmental Policies are founded on encouraging and supporting each and every department to make mindful changes that put the environment at the forefront of all our decisions.

We are working in partnership with the country’s leading green hospitality programmes and organisations who support us in our efforts to become more sustainable and better serve the local community in which we operate.  We are passionate about ensuring that tourism makes a positive social contribution so that it benefits our community as well as our guests.


The K Club is committed to achieving the following Goals and Objectives for 2023:

• Reduce the resort’s year-on-year electricity consumption by 5% 

• Reduce the resort’s year-on-year gas consumption by 7.5% 

• Replace all peat-based products 

• 80% of the resort’s total waste to be recyclable

• Reduce paper usage across the resort by 33%

• Reduce the resort’s year-on-year water consumption by 10%


Some of the actions we have taken to help us reach these goals and objectives:

• In 2022, The K Club made a significant investment to upgrade the boiler system within the hotel. Hot water for showers, taps and kitchens is now generated by the most environmentally friendly technology currently available; CO2 Heat Pump.

• Most of the space heating and hot water generation in the Palmer Clubhouse is now generated by a Water-to-Water Heat Pump that uses the heat in the lake water on the 18th hole as a renewable source. Every unit of electricity consumed by the heat pump generates a minimum of 4 units of heat: 4 times more efficiency than modern high efficiency boilers.

• As part of a rewilding initiative, we have welcomed bee hives to the resort with a view to produce our own honey. 

• In 2023, we removed our single-use bedroom toiletry products and introduced refillable Voya toiletry products to all our guest bedrooms.

• All of the resort takeaway cups are now biodegradable.

• All used Nespresso pods are fully recycled in the hotel.

• All our bottled water in the main hotel is made of glass or eco containers, therefore are reusable and fully recyclable.

• The Hotel now has four electrical charging points for electric cars and we have plans to expand on this.

• All staff members have received training on our Energy & Environmental Policies and initiatives through our staff induction process.

• To help us assist us with our Sustainable Tourism Management, we have implemented effective systems for monitoring and adequately managing our waste, water, and energy.


We are committed as a business and a team to taking steps to proactively reduce our impact on the environment. We’re all in this together, so we are always looking for fresh ideas and recommendations to improve our sustainability credentials. Should you have any suggestions to aid us in reaching our sustainability goals please do not hesitate to contact us directly via sales@kcub.ie