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Ground Wellbeing

Founded by wellness expert and renowned spa consultant Peigín Crowley, Ground Wellbeing was borne of a desire to make wellness truly accessible. Ever conscious and grateful for our natural world, Ground Wellbeing is “clean and green”, using pesticide- and herbicide-free pure botanical ingredients. Neutral by design and focused on natural, quality essential oils and ingredients, Ground produces a host of handcrafted treatments that complement The K Spa’s wellness ethos.

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The Grounding Ritual - 60 mins - €155

Sacred time for you to allow healing in. This treatment will provide you with the space and time to reconnect to source, to tap into your body’s ability to self-repair and re-align and will leave you feeling replenished and grounded in your body. Focused on the back of the body and specifically centered on the areas that are prone to tightness and tension. Feel your body and soul come together again.
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The Sleep Ritual - 90 mins- €199

Rest is the pillar to wellness: ideal for exhaustion & burn out. The Ground Sleep Ritual serves one purpose, to guide the mind and body into deep slumber. Focused on inducing deeper breathing, it encourages the body to physically relax in order to restore and the mind to let go as you are enveloped in the aromas of organic geranium and jasmine absolute. The treatment will give you the space and time to reconnect with yourself, to tap into your body’s ability to self-repair and leave you feeling replenished and grounded.
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The Cleansing Ritual - 60 mins - €155

The gut is our second brain, much of our wellbeing depends on it. With the intention to move our system into the state of rest and digest, this abdominal massage treatment helps encourage our gut to connect deeply into our body. The aim is to gently stimulate the circulation of energy, lymph and fresh blood flow to the digestive organs. The fresh circulation helps bring the body's core back to homeostasis and balance. This warming treatment focuses on relaxing and soothing the abdomen physically, while stimulating the area to aid detoxification. Massage techniques are used to release stagnated energy and emotions from the abdominal area while acupressure points on the face & feet are worked on to further promote digestion and metabolism.
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"Tóg go Bog é" Full Body Massage - 60 mins- €155 / 90 mins - €185

A restorative massage treatment to soothe and comfort the full body using slow and rhythmical techniques, this treatment helps to alleviate muscular tension while having a mediative, deeply relaxing effect. The potent essential oils will help set your intention to ground and connect to self while restoring balance in the body.