Stay & Spend Scheme

We are delighted to confirm that The K Club is registered with the Government’s Stay & Spend Scheme. This means that you can claim the Stay & Spend credit for qualifying expenditure incurred between 1st October 2020 and 30th April 2021. This includes expenditure on both holiday accommodation and ‘eat in’ food and drink.

How can you claim:

The minimum spend is €25 per transaction.

The maximum tax credit available under this scheme is €125 per person. The maximum tax credit available for those under joint assessment is €250.

The Stay and Spend tax credit equals to up to 20% of qualifying expenditure incurred, up to certain limits.

The limits on the amount of expenditure which can qualify under the scheme are:

The maximum tax credit that can be claimed under the scheme in respect of the 2020 and 2021 years of assessment is either:

  • €125 per person
  • €250 per couple for jointly assessed spouses or civil partners.

You must make a claim for the Stay and Spend tax credit when completing your annual tax return.

You must submit a copy of a receipt for any qualifying expenditure incurred when making a claim. This can be done this using the new Revenue Receipts Tracker App.

You will get the Tax Credit refund from Revenue NOT The K Club – by providing your receipts to

Qualifying service providers are those who have registered with Revenue to participate in the scheme – The K Club is a ‘qualifying service provider’.