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St. Brigid's Healing Escape

This year, St Brigid’s Day comes blessed with a bank holiday making it the perfect opportunity to heal from a harsh winter and enter into spring feeling realigned, refreshed and renewed. St Brigid’s Healing Escape at The K Club, Co Kildare’s uniquely trailblazing resort, combines all the elements needed to nourish body and soul over the long weekend. 

Check out from daily stresses and check into: luxury 5-star accommodation, a 50-minute Grounding Ritual at The K Spa, and your choice of wellness class, be it yoga, meditation, sound healing or a wellness walk out in the midst of our stunning natural surroundings. Each morning begins with a nutritious breakfast while every evening ends by sinking into the comfort of your calm and restful room. 

Create time and space for wellness this February and reconnect with your inner-strength and wellbeing in the very county the iconic trailblazer made her own.    

Your St. Brigid's Healing Escape includes:

Bed & Breakfast

50-minute Grounding Ritual at The K Spa

The choice of one wellness class:

Blissful Yoga Flow

Wellness Walk

Imbolc Meditation

Restorative Sound Healing

From €429 per room for One Night

From €329 per room for Two Nights

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