To ensure you have a memorable and enjoyable experience we have designed our spa treatment menu to suit both individuals and groups.

We recommend that you arrive at least forty minutes before your spa treatment at the K Spa in Kildare and allow yourself a minimum of two hours in the spa; this is to allow time for your treatment and for you to relax afterwards in our Relaxation room.



Facial Treatments

Diamond Cocoon Experience

Breathe new life into your skin, with this intensive prebiotic facial treatment.

Based on the same principles as Diamond Cocoon – fortify, shield, liberate, – this facial incorporates a prebiotic deep cleansing ritual, an intense purifying treatment to detoxify your skin, as well as a cutting-edge oxygenating facial massage. White jade massage tools are introduced, to encourage microcirculation and drainage, to help smooth skin texture and define facial contours, boosting the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process, making your skin look brighter and tighter, and glowing with new life.

60 minutes - €145

The Cure

An effective treatment that deep-cleans and detoxifies skin while relieving stress. This meticulous cleansing protocol is based on thermoactive enzymatic detoxification: it provides heat to open
and soften pores, and botanical freshness to close and purify them. This treatment is a new concept that pampers your skin, providing an immediate state of wellbeing so that your skin can reach maximum purity.

60 minutes - €145

Carboxi Express

Showing off pure, glowing skin is quick and easy with this amazing express treatment that revitalizes skin. A new idea in skin treatment that incorporates a proven technique in aesthetic medicine: carboxytherapy. The system uses CO2 to fight the signs of skin ageing, producing an effervescent explosion that results in visibly revitalized skin.
This renewal treatment intensely and safely regenerates your skin’s surface, delivering maximum luminosity.

30 minutes - €85

The Skin Comfort

The ultimate answer to sensitive and reactive skin types that display conditions such as red spots, dilated capillaries or inflammation. This treatment combines ingredients that repair and decongest, thanks to its ultra-softening botanical ingredients. Visibly soothes skin, providing maximum relief and comfort. Discernibly improves the appearance of congested skin and strengthens your self-defence mechanisms against harmful aggressors. This avant-garde cosmetic repair treatment restores the balance of your skin.

60 minutes - €145

The Citrus Essence

Recommended for anyone seeking to recapture skin’s luminosity and firmness through a relaxing citrus aromatherapy experience. This exquisite protocol awakens your senses, infusing skin with all of the energy in Vitamin C. Its extraordinary anti-oxidant action repairs even the most mistreated skin, unveiling a completely hydrated, revitalized complexion that showcases your radiant face. It’s delicious citrus fragrances and rich textures make this treatment an unforgettable experience.

60 minutes - €145

The Hollywood Facial – Diamond Life Infusion Ritual

An innovative treatment that infuses life into your skin in order to preserve youth and beauty. This revolutionary experience provides unprecedented rejuvenating action by regulating the 4 key skinage biomarkers. This intensive, comprehensive treatment results in firmer, more luminous and visibly younger looking skin. It redefines your facial contour, improves skin texture and fades wrinkles and expression lines in just one session. An amazing “youth elixir” that unveils renewed skin that is soft, smooth and wonderfully rejuvenated.

90 minutes - €250

Skin Consultation

Truly understand your skin and learn how best to treat it in order to achieve long term visible results. The lesson includes a mini cleanse and a professional skin diagnosis. Learn product application tips to maximise your investment into professional skincare.

25 Minute Skin Diagnosis & Skin Care Lesson - €35

Carita Lifting & Firming Facial

Hailed as the “youth revival range”, Carita’s iconic Genesis of Youth range with the exclusive CINETIC™ technology, works to re-sculpt and visibly firm skin by helping the skin reactivate energy flows responsible for healthy cell renewal. This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment includes a blend of massage techniques and expert anti-ageing products to instantly lift & firm ageing skin. After just one facial, the skin appears visibly transformed: pores are refined, skin is tighter and firmer as if lifted and complexion more even and divinely soft to the touch.

105 minutes - €195

Massage Treatments

Quiro Golf Massage

The latest innovation in outstanding therapeutic massage; relieves tension, soothes muscle soreness, improves flexibility, eliminates stress and restores energy to body and mind. This lavish ritual relaxes your muscles from head to toe through an amazing therapeutic massage that uses golf balls to improve circulation and reduce joint pain. These innovative therapy techniques improve body flexibility and restore balance to body and mind, leaving you free from tension and tight muscles. The result is skin that is totally revitalized, smooth, firmer and supple, ensuring complete rest.

50 minutes €145 or 80 minutes €180

Luxury Scalp Therapy

Relax and unwind with our Luxury Scalp Therapy. This is a head massage designed to relax the nerves and the muscles around the scalp. We also include a neck and shoulder massage to help release all tension around this area. This truly relaxing experience is one of the highest recommended for de-stressing.

45 minutes - €100

Lomi Lomi Massage

Unlike other massages the therapists will use long flowing strokes from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement, massaging both the top & underside of body.

50 minutes €145 or 80 minutes €180

Couple Massage Therapy

Full body massage for two people in our couples suite. This is ideal as part of a romantic getaway or simply treating yourself to a relaxing spa session, a couples massage is a great way to relax and unwind both you and your loved one. Couples massages are also ideal for friends and family members who would like to enjoy their experience together.

50 minutes €145pp or 80 minutes €180pp

Hot Stone Massage

This will ease those knots away with a combination of deep heat from Basalt stones, warm oil and a flowing massage that varies in pressure to follow your body’s needs. A treatment that goes beyond the physical experience of regular massage.

80 minutes - €190

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

This is an express massage which focuses on the back, neck and shoulders in order to release stress and tension.

25 minutes - €85

Signature K Spa Massage

A full body massage fusing the very best of Eastern and Western massage techniques, tailored entirely to suit your individual needs.
Working with either deep tissue techniques with warm oils to manipulate and ease the body from the very top of your head to the very tips of your fingers.

50 minutes €145 or 80 minutes €180

Body Treatments

Diamond Rose Body Ritual

A luxurious and romantic ritual with outstanding restorative effects that provides dramatic results on the skin. A regenerating body treatment that includes diamond dust and reveals extraordinarily renewed and beautiful skin. This treatment also provides a complete wellness experience and exceptional aromatherapeutic benefits, thanks to the unique Damask rose absolute. This exquisite oil is obtained from Damask roses from Morocco. Used since ancient times as a beauty elixir, Damask rose is believed to provide extraordinary rejuvenating and relaxing benefits. A delicate exfoliation with a scrub that includes Damask rose and diamond dust will leave your skin renewed and supple, while a massage and the finishing products will reveal vibrant, silky and supple skin, transporting you through a journey of restoration and well-being in a wonderful atmosphere of roses.


60 minutes €120 or 80 minutes €180

Bamboo Scrub

This wrap combines seaweed extracts with micronized peat. There is a long existing tradition of peat wraps in Eastern Europe; they were traditionally used for a variety of skin and rheumatic conditions. This wrap offers a potent detoxification, due to its trace elements, vitamins,carbohydrates, polyphenols, lipids, and especially humic acids. Many studies have shown that humic acid has an astringent effect and also drains the toxic substances from the body. This wrap is particularly effective for detoxification.


60 minutes - €120

Citrus Scrub

An effective treatment especially recommended for recapturing firmness and definition in the most delicate areas and in places with loss of firmness. Uses an innovative system of refirming bands inspired by methods used in kinesiology; used along with an innovative vitamin concentrate, skin is revitalized and toned, softening the formation and appearance of stretch marks. Get a firm, remodeled body with this addictive treatment that produces excellent immediate and sustained long-term, results.

60 minutes - €120

K Spa Wellness Treatments

The Mindful Touch

Your Mindfulness Spa Experience is the most innovative and trailblazing venture within the spa sector, in which the results of Natura Bissé’s cosmetics are combined with the most advanced technology. Through virtual reality, mindfulness and the therapist’s expertise –the touch– we invite the client to reconnect with the here and now, to relax their body, to awaken their senses and to experience the pleasure of beauty in a more intense way.


Detox Seaweed Bath

Immerse in a bath of organic seaweed. The treatment will relax the muscles, plump up and add definition to the skin and support skin regeneration and renewal while combating the effects of ageing.


25 minutes €65


Enjoy as a treat for yourself, with your partner or with friends. The Rasul is based on the original Arabic bath and includes four large thrones to sit on and relaxing sensory lights over head. Apply nourishing and detoxing mineral rich mud all over your face and body and sit back while the aromatic steam helps the product to activate. The cycle completes as light warm ‘rain’ falls from the ceiling, washing away the mud and leaving you thoroughly cleansed and moisturised. Guests can choose from a moisturising or exfoliating Rasul experience.


25 minutes €65

Vichy Shower

The Vichy Shower consists of a wet treatment table, you lie on the treatment table with a six head shower system. As you lie on the treatment table warm water envelopes and massages you while water falls from above giving an invigorating massage that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow.


25 minutes €65

The Wellness Path

Begin the wellness path with an exfoliating Hamam in order to exfoliate and polish the skin, next enjoy our Rasul Chamber and finish up with either a Hydrobath or a Vichy Shower. Guests can also use the swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, experience showers and deep relaxation room in between each element. Your body will be thoroughly exfoliated and invigorated. The Wellness Path is particularly enjoyable to experience before a massage, wrap or body treatment.


85 minutes €150pp

The Wellness Suite

The Wellness Suite incorporates a range of water based, sensory activities and is based on the ritual of bathing. Heating and cooling the body through a series of water treatments results in deep cleansing and rejuvenation. The Wellness Suite incorporates four distinct wet treatments which can be used alone or as a combination (The Wellness Path) for wellness results you can really feel.


Hydrotherapy offer ancient forms of healing and wellness through water. Our hydrotherapy combines a series of powerful jets to stimulate blood flow and relax tired and weary muscles and bones. Guests can choose from liquid seaweed, detoxing or rejuvenating salts and aromatherapy essences.

25 minutes - €65

Beauty Essentials Treatments

Citrus Hands & Feet

Citrus Hands

35 minutes – €65

Recover the vitality of your hands thanks to power of Vitamin C, an ingredient which provides a significant amount of antioxidants, as well as an energizing, firming and brightening action.

Citrus Feet

35 minutes – €65

The power of vitamin C at your feet to restore all their freshness and softness. Repair the damage caused by years of stress and feel supple, soothed soles all over again.

Manicures & Pedicures

Deluxe Manicure

55 minutes – €70

Complete nail, cuticle and hand care with thermal mitts. And finishing with gelish polish.

K Spa Pedicure

60 minutes – €90

A pampering treatment where we care for the nails and cuticles using heated booties. A relaxing foot massage finishing with gelish polish.

Finishing Touches

Gelish File and Polish – €39
Gelish Removal – €15
Full Leg and Bikini Wax – €60
Full Leg Wax – €45
Half Leg Wax – €35
Bikini Line Wax – €30
Lip Wax – €20
Chin Wax – €20
Eyelash Tint – €20
Eyebrow Tint – €20
Eyebrow Trim – €20

Please note a patch test is required 48hrs in advance of any waxing or tinting treatments.

Kreations Hair Salon

Full time hairdressing services are now available in The K Spa with our hair salon, Kreations.

Prices available on request.

  • Wednesday – Saturday: 9:30am -5:00pm.
  • Thursday: 9:30am – 8:00pm

For any enquiries or if you would like to make a booking, please contact Kreations directly on 087 983 0777

Available for all Residents and Non- Residents