Wine Tasting – up to 16 guests at a time
Guests gather in the Old Entrance Hall and are walked to our wine cellar (please note: there are a number of steps down to the cellar.)
Our award winning sommelier, Lisa O’Doherty, will conduct a fun informal tour of our wine cellar culminating in a tour of the fine wine room.
Guests are then shown to the tasting room, where they get to taste their chosen wine, see options below.
Guests will enjoy a glass of Champagne per person. Please note, cheese plates or canapes can also be served in the wine cellar, charged on consumption.

Wine Tasting Options

Wine Tasting to include 4 Wines with 4 Cheese pairings – €55 per person (does not include a Wine Cellar Tour)

Wine Cellar Tour with Tasting includes 2 Wines – €300 for up to 8 people