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Wet Treatments

  • Bathing Rituals

    Dating back over 300 years, seaweed baths were Ireland's only indigenous therapy and were traditionally seen as ‘The Sailor’s Cure’. Seaweed has been harvested by hand in Sligo on the West Coast of Ireland for over 150 years. The K Spa uses a range of Voya products which are made from seaweed hand picked from these shores.

    The K Club is in many ways intrinsically linked to the West Coast through the expressionist painter, Jack B. Yeats who hailed from Sligo.  His work hangs in the Yeat’s Room, a room dedicated to the painter and coincidently one of his paintings on display in the hotel depicts the beach at Strandhill, Sligo where this seaweed is harvested from. This is a very elegant room and is just the place to enjoy lunch or afternoon tea before or following a treatment in our Spa.

  • The Wellness Suite

    The Wellness Suite incorporates a range of water based, sensory activities and is based on the ritual of bathing. Heating and cooling the body through a series of water treatments results in deep cleansing and rejuvenation. The Wellness Suite incorporates four distinct wet treatments which can be used alone or as a combination (The Wellness Path) for wellness results you can really feel.

  • The Wellness Path

    Begin the wellness path with an exfoliating Hamam in order to exfoliate and polish the skin, next enjoy our Rasul Chamber and finish up with either a Hydrobath or a Vichy Shower. Guests can also use the swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, experience showers and deep relaxation room in between each element. Your body will be thoroughly exfoliated and invigorated. The Wellness Path is particularly enjoyable to experience before a massage, wrap or body treatment.
    2 hrs €100

  • Vichy Shower

    The Vichy Shower consists of a wet treatment table, you lie on the treatment table with a six head shower system. As you lie on the treatment table warm water envelopes and massages you while water falls from above giving an invigorating massage that stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow.
    25 mins €45

  • Hamam

    The Hamam is a warm plinth on which you lie while your therapist carries out a complete body brush and body polish, a back massage or a deep body cleanse using our carefully selected, specialist ingredients.
    25 mins €45

  • Rasul

    Enjoy as a treat for yourself, with your partner or with friends. The Rasul is based on the original Arabic bath and includes four large thrones to sit on and relaxing sensory lights over head. Apply nourishing and detoxing mineral rich mud all over your face and body and sit back while the aromatic steam helps the product to activate. The cycle completes as light warm ‘rain’ falls from the ceiling, washing away the mud and leaving you thoroughly cleansed and moisturised. Guests can choose from a moisturising or exfoliating Rasul experience.
    25 mins €45 per person

  • Hydro and Balneotherapy

    Both Hydrotherapy and Balneotherapy offer ancient forms of healing and wellness through water. Our Balneotherapy combines a series of powerful jets to stimulate bloodflow and relax tired and weary muscles and bones. Guests can choose from liquid seaweed, detoxing or rejuvenating salts or aromatherapy essences.
    25 mins €45

  • Seaweed Peat Bath

    Seaweed from Sligo combined with peat from the bogs of Ireland. The peat contains unparalleled levels of humic acids. This dark deep relaxing bath will soothe away muscular pains while the infusion of the organic blend of spicy/peppery ginger with cinnamon chi herb to stimulate the mind, body and soul.
    25 mins €45

  • Liquid Seaweed Bath

    A liquid version of our seaweed blend is added to the balneotherapy bath and when combined with the powerful jets, helps stimulate blood flow, aid rejuvenation and detoxify the body.
    25 mins €45

  • Aroma Bath Therapy

    Organic essential oils including lemon, lime, clove, basil, mandarin, patchouli are combined with bath salts for a deeply relaxing bath.
    25 mins €45

  • Detox Seaweed Bath

    Immerse in a bath of organic seaweed. The treatment will relax the muscles, plump up and add definition to the skin and support skin regeneration and renewal while combating the effects of ageing.
    25 mins €45