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Walking and Cycling

Perfect location for walking and cycling holidays in Ireland with over 550 acres of countryside.

The location of The K Club in Co. Kildare makes it ideal for walking and cycling holidays in Ireland with over 550 acres of countryside, yet a mere 40minutes from Dublin City.

Walks are available throughout the Resort especially on the Island and along the banks of the Liffey. For the more energetic, bicycles are also available.


Garden Route Map

The Kildare countryside provides a backdrop for the garden at The K Club. Trees have long been a feature of the landscape, the name Kildare being derived from Gaelic, Cill, Church and Dair, Oak.

If anyone wants to take more gentle exercise within the grounds of the estate and adjacent to the hotel, a garden walk has been laid out, starting at the terrace at the back of the lobby, very enjoyable and picturesque for your walking holiday in Ireland

The formal gardens, created by the Barton's in the 19th century, have many unusual species of trees, including Lawson Cypress and a Tulip tree, besides Elm, Pedunculate or Common Oak and White Willow.

Shrubs and flowers abound, including the Straffan Snowdrop, a white spring flowering bulb unique to the estate and discovered in the 1880s by the then head gardener, Frederick Burford. A new breed of narcissus, Cill Dara, was introduced in November, 1992.

The Garden Walks continue across Inismor Island, on to the arboretum and the hidden pond.

Among the arboreal pleasures is the weeping willow tree, planted to mark the accession to the throne in 1901 of King Edward VII of England. Other distinguished trees in the area of the arboretum include a Giant Redwood, the largest growing tree in the world.


The cultivation of a wide range of plants from many regions of the world has been continued by successive owners, the most recent being the planting of a Weeping Beech at the front of the Hotel by Dr. Smurfit in April 1992 to commemorate the opening of The K Club.