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The Smurfit Course Pro Tips

  • Our resident Golf Professional Michael Dixon is delighted to share his tips with you on the Smurfit Course.

    If you would like to arrange a playing lesson with Michael, go here.

  • The Smurfit Course Pro Tips

    HOLE 1
    Par 4 This is a good hole to focus the players mind for the challenges ahead. With the prevailing wind from left to right and into the players face, you will be first be asked to negotiate the fairway bunkers on the left, before facing a long second shot to this large undulating green. The green slopes from left to right, so players are advised to keep the ball below the hole, if at all possible.

    HOLE 2
    Par 3 Don't panic at the sight of all the huge greenside bunkers, but take good aim because picking the right club is of utmost importance when hitting into this large undulating green. A par should be good enough to win this hole.

    HOLE 3
    Par 5 To play this hole properly, players will have to thread their tee shot through the narrow bunker complex on the fairway. Although the hole doglegs significantly at the end, only the longest of hitters should go for this hole as it is a well-protected green. Nonetheless, it will provide players with a good birdie opportunity starting out.

    HOLE 4
    Par 4 Beware of the sting in the tail! Although this one looks easy, the pitch is difficult, so try to make sure you lay up in the right position for your second shot. This green is tricky so beware! The long hitters will love this one, as it will tempt them given favourable wind conditions.

    HOLE 5
    Par 4 Time for a breather. Although playing back into the wind, a good drive will leave the competitor with nothing more than a short to middle iron to this green. Club selection for the second shot is all-important as anything coming up short will quickly be swallowed up by the cavernous bunker protecting the green.

    HOLE 6
    Par 4 Although an easy looking hole, players are advised not to gamble too much off the tee with the bunkers on the right. They must also trust their yardage for their second shot, as they are unlikely to see the bottom of the hole. Although there are no bunkers protecting this green, there is a swale in the green, ready to frustrate any errant second shots.

    HOLE 7
    Par 5 Enjoy this one, as it is one of the very best! Respect is required on this hole particularly if you are playing from the back tee. It's best to play it as a three shotter and try to set up a good approach into this very large green.

    HOLE 8
    Par 3 Although short, beware of this tricky green. If you find the right level, you may well be rewarded with a good birdie opportunity. However anyone who comes up short on this one will almost certainly be guaranteed a bogey at the very least.

    HOLE 9
    Par 4 One of the most testing holes on the golf course, this hole borders the Liffey on the left hand side. A well-struck tee shot will leave the competitor with a very demanding second shot to a narrow well-contoured green. This hole provides a great test for anybody's game.

    HOLE 10
    Par 5 Although playing directly back into the prevailing wind, this hole provides the player with a good birdie opportunity should you be able to control your third shot to this tricky green.

    HOLE 11
    Par 4 Climbing back up the hill, a good drive is required in order to give the individual the best opportunity on this hole. They must also trust their yardage for their second shot as the second shot is played to a considerably elevated green. Take advantage of this breather before the final six holes.

    HOLE 12
    Par 3 Don't be too intimidated by this magnificent par three. However, take good aim as you are now playing to one of the largest individual greens you will find anywhere in the World and a poor tee shot may leave you with a putt of some sixty yards.

    HOLE 13
    Par 4 A truly testing hole, players will have to curb their gambling instincts here or face the consequences. The ideal tee shot should be down the left hand side of the fairway so as to open up the hole for a long second shot, depending on the wind direction. Once you have safely negotiated the water, all you have left to do is to two-putt this heavily contoured green.

    HOLE 14
    Par 4 Curb your aggression off the tee on this hole, because a good accurate tee shot is required on this hole in order to play the ideal second shot. Players should be reminded to take an extra club to this steeply inclined green, as it plays considerably longer than it looks. It is also one of the most heavily contoured greens on the course, so enjoy the challenge!

    HOLE 15
    Par 4 Take advantage of the prevailing wind, and open the shoulders on this hole as it provides the golfer with an ideal birdie opportunity before the closing stretch. Players should not be tempted to take too much off the carry however, as it might easily destroy their scorecard!

    HOLE 16
    Par 4 Index one and fully deserving of its status. Courage is required if the player is going to hit this tee shot down the left, so as to set up the easier approach to this well protected green. Anything moving right of this green will find a watery grave, so players are advised to park their egos for this hole!

    HOLE 17
    Par 3 Astute players will try to use the contour on this green wisely, by favouring the middle of the green from their tee shot. A spectacular par three, it is sure to jangle the nerves a little at the end of the round as anything hit too far left will have to carry water all the way to the putting surface.

    HOLE 18
    Par 5 Big hitters will have the opportunity to peel off their sweaters for this one, as a perfect tee shot will make this island green reachable in two. This hole sets the perfect setting to the end of a great day, and what better way to finish things off than to hit a perfect third shot to the green, watched by an appreciative clubhouse audience.

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