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Ryder Cup Course Pro Tips


    HOLE 1 Par 4 Favour the right side off the tee for the best approach to this exposed green.

    HOLE 2 Par 4 Pay attention to the appreciable increase in elevation for your second shot particularly if you are attempting to get near the narrow, well protected back pin position.

    HOLE 3 Par 3 Be aware of the swirling wind because club selection is all important to this shallow green.

    HOLE 4 Par 5 A wonderfully constructed par five which encourages the player to have a go for their second shot, although the overhanging trees on the right may prove to be quite intimidating!

    HOLE 5 Par 4 A beautifully disguised green, which will encourage aggressive play.

    HOLE 6 Par 4 Once again the wind will be a factor from this elevated tee. The second shot plays longer than it looks and demands a cool head as it is played from a sloped lie.

    HOLE 7 Par 4 Probably the most intimidating hole on the course, with the water and the swirling winds. Take good aim and play it positively.

    HOLE 8 Par 3 Favour the left side of the green, as the ball will have a tendency to move from left to right on the putting surface. There are no lucky breaks, only a watery grave, to the right of this hole.

    HOLE 9 Par 4 In order to have the perfect view for your second shot, players must favour the left hand side, thereby taking on the tree in the middle of the fairway. The approach to this green is tricky so beware.

    HOLE 10 Par 5 A good opportunity for a birdie downwind, the player must first find the fairway and then negotiate a narrow entrance to this well protected green.

    HOLE 11 Par 4 The tee shot is all-important as it sets up a properly controlled approach shot to this green, which is protected by water on the left hand side.

    HOLE 12 Par 3 Good club selection is required for this tee shot as the second half of the green slopes downwards away from the player.

    HOLE 13 Par 4 A really good challenge, accuracy is required for both shots to this heavily contoured green protected by water on the right hand side.

    HOLE 14 Par 3 With a waterfall for a backdrop, players will be required to hit a long iron to this green, which slopes from front to back.

    HOLE 15 Par 4 This hole demands accuracy from the tee, and good judgement of the wind for the second shot. Players must appreciate that their second shot is considerably uphill.

    HOLE 16 Par 5 A beautifully constructed par five, players must respect this hole at all times as the margin for error around the green is very small indeed.

    HOLE 17 Par 4 A great hole, it demands accuracy and commitment at a time when the nerves might be beginning to get a little frayed.

    HOLE 18 Par 5 A very exciting finishing hole which, which will be set up by a good drive. It will throw up its mixture of eagles, birdies and bogeys to keep the galleries enthralled.

Ryder Cup Course