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Careers FAQ

These are some frequently asked questions that we regularly receive from potential candidates and new hires.
This list covers most general queries from candidates however, should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email on recruitment@kclub.ie and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

1.1 I am attending for interview, where should I go?
You should report to the reception desk at the main hotel and request to speak to your interviewer, who will be with you as soon as possible.

1.2 How would I travel to The K Club?
By car: The K Club can be reached via the M4 or M7 motorway, full directions can be found in the following link http://www.kclub.com/hotel/directions.html.
By Bus: There is a regular daily bus service from Bus Aras (the central bus station in Dublin) to Straffan.  From the bus stop the hotel is a 1-mile walk and is clearly sign posted.

1.3 Which airport should I fly to?
Dublin airport is the nearest to The K Club, it is 23 miles / 37km.  Taxis are available from the airport and the cost should be €90.00.  Alternatively, there is a regular bus service to Bus Aras, (the central bus station in Dublin) where you can take the bus to Straffan.

1.4 Can you arrange for me to be collected from the airport?
Yes, we can.  Please contact us on 00 353 1 6017200 to book your transport.

1.5 Which port should I arrive to?
Either Dun Laoghaire or Dublin port.  On arrival please use the directions as outlined in the General Information section of the website under K Club directions.

2.1 Rates of Taxation
The income that you earn is liable to tax. Tax on income that you earn from employment is deducted from your wages by your employer on behalf of the Irish Government. This is known as Pay As You Earn (PAYE). The amount of tax that you have to pay depends on the amount of the income that you earn and on your personal circumstances. There are a range of income tax reliefs available that can reduce the amount of tax that you have to pay.
Information regarding Tax rates, Tax Allowances and Tax credits can be obtained at the following government information link:  Click for link >>   
2.1a How much social insurance (PRSI) must I pay?
The amount of PRSI you pay will depend on your earnings and the class you are insured under. Here is an example:
For employees insured under Class A, the amount you pay is as follows:
If you earn less than €352 gross per week (before tax is deducted), you will not pay any social insurance. This does not mean that you are not getting a contribution. You are still covered by Class A social insurance because your employer is paying social insurance on your behalf.

If you earn between €352 and €500 per week, the first €127 of your earnings will be ignored and you will pay 4% on anything over that amount. If you are earning over €75,036, from 1 May 2009 you will not pay social insurance on the income above this amount.

If you earn more than €500 per week and pay a Class A1 contribution, you will pay 2% on the first €127 of your earnings and 6% on anything over that amount up to a maximum of €75,036, from 1 May 2009. You will pay 2% on any earnings above €75,036, from 1 May 2009.

For people insured under other classes, the amount they pay will vary. The amount of your earnings which are deducted under the PRSI system also includes an amount called the health levy which has nothing to do with social insurance.

2.1b Income Levy
With effect from the 01 May 2009, the following Income Levy will be applied to your Income.

Income Levy Thresholds
Income up to €75,036 - 2%
Income from €75,037 to €174,980 - 4%
Income above €174,980 - 6%

2.2 What is a PPS Number?
Your Personal Public Service Number (PPS No.) is a unique reference number that helps to you to gain access to social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland. State Agencies that use PPS Numbers to identify individuals include the Department of Social and Family Affairs, the Revenue Commissioners and the Health Services Executive (HSE) Areas.

All employees in Ireland are required to have a PPS Number.  This number is required so that you do not pay emergency tax on your earnings

2.3 Can I get my PPS before I arrive in Ireland?
You cannot apply for a PPS Number before your arrival in Ireland. You must be already living in Ireland in order to apply for a PPS Number.  We will supply you with the relevant application forms in order to obtain this number.

2.4 Where do I go to get my PPS number when I start at The K Club?
Social Welfare Office
Eyre Street
Co. Kildare
Phone: 045 446 300
Hours of opening: 09.30 - 16.00 Monday to Friday.

2.5 What documents do I need to bring with me to the Social Welfare Office in order to get my PPS number?
Birth Certificate
Valid photographic ID e.g. Current Valid Passport or Full driving licence, Employment ID Card etc.
Evidence of address

PROOF OF ID -UK NATIONALS (may include residents of Northern Ireland):
Current Valid Passport
Birth Certificate and valid photographic ID e.g. Full Driving Licence, Employment ID (with photo)
Evidence of either work/claim/residency/Tax liability/education history in the UK or Northern Ireland
and Evidence of address

PROOF OF ID - EEA citizens (EU NATIONALS - (other than UK) and citizens of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) plus Switzerland:
Current Valid Passport or National Identity Card
Evidence of either birth/work/unemployment/residency/tax liability/education in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland
Evidence of address in Ireland

Current Valid Passport or Certificate of Registration with the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform (Green Book or Plastic Card)
Evidence of either birth/work*/unemployment/residency/tax liability/education in the foreign country.
(* Includes Work Permit or letter from the Dept. of Justice, Equality and Law Reform giving permission to work)

2.6 Evidence of address in Ireland
Utility Bill
The usual proof of address is a utility/household bill but if you don't have one the following are acceptable alternative documents showing address: Official letter/document,
Financial statement,
Property lease or tenancy agreement,
Receipt/bill for rented accommodation,
A letter from your employer confirming employment and showing your address.
You will appreciate that all above documents must show both your name and Irish address.

2.7 What is a 12a Form and when will I need to complete it?
Once you have received your PPS number you need to complete a 12a form.  This is the final stage in ensuring you pay the correct tax and do not pay emergency tax.

By filling out a 12a form you are applying for a certificate of tax credits. You will need to complete an application form to do this. It is called Form 12A Application for a Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-Off Point (pdf) 

To ensure that your employer and the tax office have time to have everything sorted out before your first payday, it is advisable to do all this as soon as you accept an offer of a job (even for part-time or holiday employment).

Your own personal circumstances dictate the amount of tax credits you are entitled to. The tax office will then forward you a detailed statement of your tax credits. Your employer will also be notified of your tax credits.

3.1 How will I be paid?
All payments will be made by Bank Credit Transfer on fortnightly basis and this payment can only be paid into a bank account in the Republic of Ireland.  We cannot process payments to any account based in another country, including Northern Ireland.

Unfortunately The K Club cannot offer Staff Accommodation however if you require accommodation we can put you in contact with a local B&B/Guest House who offers special rates for both short and longer term stays, please contact the Human Resource Department if you require this information.

5.1 What are the closest towns/villages to The K Club?
The town’s/villages that are closest to The K Club are:
Straffan (where The K Club is located)
Clane (approx 4 miles/6.8 km’s from The K Club & is on the 120 Bus route.
Celbridge (approx 4 miles/6.8 km’s from The K Club & is on the 120 Bus route).
Maynooth (approx 5 miles/7 km’s from The K Club & not on a direct bus route – you would have to organise your own transport from here).
There are properties/rooms to rent in any of these towns.

5.2 Who can we contact about renting a Room/Apartment/House?
The following agencies specialise in property letting in the area
•Coonan’s (who are in Maynooth & Celbridge) – their contact number is 01 628 6128
•Sherry Fitzgerald (Clane) – phone 045 868412
•www.daft.ie is a useful website that contains all types of properties for rent/share.
•www.myhome.ie has a to let section that contains all types of properties for rent/share.
•Staff Notice Boards in the Staff Canteen (The Kafe) also often contain advertisements that are placed by other employees who may have rooms to let in their houses etc
•Notice boards in local shops frequently have advertisements for rooms to rent.

6.1 What bus goes to The K Club?
The number 120 bus goes from Bus Aras (the central bus station in Dublin City Centre) to The K Club, in Straffan.  After Straffan the bus goes on to Clane and subsequently terminates in Edenderry, Co Offaly.

7.1 Do I need to return the paper work I have been sent before I start?
Yes, please return as much information as possible as this will assist with our preparations for your arrival.

7.2 Is the salary in my contract gross or net?
The salary quoted is gross, both tax and PRSI contributions will be deducted from this amount.  Both tax deductions and PRSI contributions will be explained at induction.

7.3 When will I get my uniform?
Your uniform will be provided to you on your arrival.   You need to ensure you have completed and returned the uniform requirement sheet that you will receive in your offer pack.

7.4 What items of clothing do I need to provide myself?
You will need to wear your own shoes (which must be black, no more than an inch high heel and they must not be sandals, sling backs etc)
If you are working in the Golf Course Operations or Kitchens – safety shoes will be provided for you as part of your uniform.
Ladies need to supply their own tights.

7.5 Where do staff get their meals?
Staff meals, while on duty are provided in our staff canteen (the Kafe) these meals are provided as part of your terms & conditions of employment.

7.6 Is there Staff Car Parking?
Staff car parking is provided and is complimentary.  There are also places to park bicycles should this be required.