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Fishing at the K Club

Fishing at The K Club is mostly for Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout with the occasional Pike or Perch also.

Fishing is carried out from the bank of the lakes and is done with a spinning rod and artificial bait or by Fly Rod and artificial flies. The group are accompanied by a Ghillie (Fishing Guides) throughout the session who will advise and demonstrate the art of casting and the placing of baits in the correct manner so that a fish may be caught. All fish are returned alive to the water or if the guests wish may be brought to the kitchen and cooked to their requirements if so desired.

Each Ghillie (Guide) takes their anglers for the duration and they all have their own secret formula and favorite fishing spots. The spinning gear consists of various types of rods from Five foot to Nine foot in length with fixed spool spinning reel, nylon of various breaking strains to suit conditions on the day and an array of colorful artificial baits. The Fly fishing consists of rods from Nine foot to Eleven foot in length with Four to Six inch light Reels loaded with Floating or Sinking Fly lines, nylon leaders and an array of different artificial flies to imitate the natural insects that the fish are feeding on, on the day.

Flies with such names as, Dark Olive, Green Olive, March Brown, Hares Ear, Iron Blue Dun, Grey Flag, Brown Sedge, a multitude of different colored Nymphs and of course the ever popular Mayfly. (The list is endless) All Ghillies (Guides) carry a net and will net the fish for the guest and remove the hook  and return to the water or dispatch if required for eating later.

River Liffey - one mile both banks.

The River Liffey has a natural stock of wild Brown Trout up to 7lb and boasts of great hatches of fly throughout the season resulting in very large bags of fish especially during the mayfly time of May through to July and afterwards on sedges.


Three of the lakes on the golf courses at The K Club are stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Pike.

  • The Rainbow Trout average is 2 1/2lb with some up to 12lb.
  • The Brown Trout average is 2lb with some up to 8lb.
  • The Pike Fishing average is 8lb to 16 lb.

Fishing is by fly or spinning only.

Seasons Dates for Lakes Fishing
Brown Trout March 1st to September 30th
Rainbow Trout All year round
Pike All year round

Coarse Fish

There are three lakes stocked with coarse fish consisting of Carp, Bream, Tench, Rudd, Roach, Perch and also Hybrids with several specimen fish being taken each year.

Fishing - All legitimate methods apply
Season - All year round

  • The River is Fly-fishing only
  • Spinning or Fly-fishing on the lakes