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The Christmas parties are over, the Christmas decorations are put away and now all that remains from the festive season are a few extra pounds that many of us tend to put on over the party season. As we begin a new year we thought this is the perfect time to start over and here in The K Club we have all sworn to get fit, healthy and banish those Christmas pounds with a new healthier programme.  When our own ‘New Year, New You’ idea was first muted in the marketing office we were met with a deafening silence and then peals of laughter as one by one everyone had their own resolution which included only taking two spoons of sugar instead of three, giving up red wine in favour of white and my personal favourite watching keep fit programmes on TV!! When Robert Coffey, the personal trainer and gym manager in our health club, K Health and Fitness heard about our half hearted attempts to get on a health kick he drew up his own, K Health and Fitness 6 week plan which we have agreed to follow.  We are going to share them with you each week along with some healthy recipes and hopefully some inspirational stories.  Why not join us in our quest for fitness and follow our weekly blog. 


1.       Set realistic goals before starting on your workout programme.

2.       Know your starting point weight and BMI

3.       Measure your progress.

4.       Don’t stick to just one type of exercise or machine in the gym such as a treadmill or you will be bored, keep your exercise plan fresh and interesting and combine aerobic classes, swimming or pilates with gym work.

5.       Alway, always warm up for at least ten minutes first or you could really hurt yourself. This allows the muscles to warm up and prevents injury.

6.       Forget about dieting, eat small amounts regularly and avoid junk food, look for food that slowly releases  energy such as porridge or banana, quick fixes will just give you a sugar rush but won’t sustain you through the day.

7.       When doing weight training do each rep slowly to get the most out of it.

8.       To stay motivated look for a training or fitness buddy so you can both keep each other motivated or have a personal trainer keep an eye on you in the gym.

9.       Have a rest day in between sessions, don’t do too much, too soon or you will quickly loose interest.

10.   Always change your programme every 4 – 5 weeks as you will need to be improving each week. Everyone should strength train for their health at least once a week and preferably three times a week.

Robert Coffey designs personal training programmes for all members of K Health and Fitness and would be happy to help you kick start your new fitness regime. Membership for K Health and Fitness is now open, call (01) 6017200 for more details or call in to get a tour or complimentary trial of our health club.                                                          

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